Multi-Purpose Multi-Peeler CS07/Fruit Shearing Machine/Apple Cutting/Persimmon Cutting/Fruit Cutting

Multi-purpose multi-Peeler CS07

fruit shearing machine/apple cutting/persimmon cutting/fruit cutting
Apples: Insert round apples vertically regardless of the direction in which they are plugged.
If the apex is wide and the calyx is narrow, insert the narrow side up.
Kiwi: Make sure that the kiwi has the top down and the pin is in the center of the top!
Kiwi, which is a ripe fruit, must be trimmed after being ripened. If it is hard or too soft, it will not be cut.
Tomato: Do not remove the stem of the tomato, but place it in the center of the pin.
Tomatoes that are too soft are not cut well. Cut off the damaged area before work.
Peach: You should put the top side up.

[How to manage after use]
-When removing the blade, use both hands to press the separation button on both sides.
When storing after use, cover the pin cover for safe storage.