Multi Probiotics Live Lactobacillus Breast Milk New Biotics Proline Life Care (1.5g x 100 packets) 150g

Life Care
Multi Probiotics Live Lactobacillus
(1.5g x 100 packets) 150g

Probiotics / 4 vitamins, zinc
-Premium 17 kinds of mixed lactic acid bacteria
-Contains lactobacillus derived from breast milk and proline (sub-material)
-Containing 17 kinds of organic ingredients (sub-material)
-New Biotics

[Recommended for such people.]
-Those who want smooth bowel movements
-Those who have gas in the intestine and have difficulty in toileting
-Those who want regular bowel movements and a light body
-Those who are concerned about intestinal health due to work stress and frequent drinking parties
-Those who are concerned about intestinal health with diet
-Those with irregular meal times

[All this functionality at once!]

-Probiotics: May help to proliferate lactic acid bacteria and inhibit harmful bacteria
-Zinc: Necessary for normal immune function and cell division.
-Vitamin B1, B2: Necessary for carbohydrate and energy metabolism,
necessary for energy generation in the body.
-Vitamin B6: Necessary for the use of proteins and amino acids,
necessary for maintaining normal blood homocysteine ​​levels
-Vitamin D: Necessary for absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, necessary for bone formation and maintenance, helping to reduce the risk of osteoporosis
* Sweet and sour grape taste (no sugar)
Easy intake of 1 packet per day.