Mugunghwa Keratin Care Shower Soap (Dead Sea Salt) 500ml

Keratin Care Shower Soap (Dead Sea Salt) 500ml

-A body wash that not only helps to remove dead skin cells, but also adds freshness and moisture.
* Dead Sea salt, vitamin B5 moisturizing ingredient that helps remove skin waste-Contains panthenol
* Contains plant-derived oil moisturizing ingredients
Contains olive oil, sunflower seed oil, and grape seed oil
*5 Grain complex contained (Mung bean, black sesame, black bean, rice, oat kernel extract contained)
*Contains AHA ingredients for removing mild dead skin cells

[How to use]
Take the red dal amount on a sponge or shower towel, lather, rub it like a massage, and wash it off with water.
Daily Care: When used in the shower every day, it gently removes impurities and makes the skin smooth.
Deep cleansing care: If you use soap and dirt soap together in the shower, you can get more effective deep cleansing care.