[Ms44]Basil Bomb Candy 60g (145kcal) x 3/6/9EA Green grape/Calamansi/ Strawberry flavor


Basil Bomb Candy 60g 145kcal

Let's not stand hunger! Self-serving essentials!
A low-calorie snack for oil and fat!
Sweet Basil Seed Candy!

Green grape flavor / Calamansi flavor / Strawberry flavor

-Plenty of basil seeds- When the surface meets water,
basil seeds expand and give a natural feeling of satiety to an empty stomach.
-Contains chicory root dietary fiber!
It lightly relieves the worries that arise during diet control.
-No sugar!
Without worrying about calories, Isomalt extracted from beets added!
Feel free to sweet taste without sugar!

[How to take]
-Slowly dissolve 3 basil candies.
-After ingesting the candy, drink water to expand the basil seeds.
-You can feel full as the volume of basil seed expands.

[Please eat at this time!]
-When your mouth is bored? When you are hungry?
Sweet and salty late-night snacks that come to mind every night After eating, don't regret it, try a basil candy.
-When sweet desserts come after eating!

Sweet drinks, cakes and desserts that come to mind after eating! Fill up the sweetness with basil candy.