Moz Mini Grills Electric Grill For Single Family Quick Heat Conduction Allows Cooking Immediately

Moz Mini Grills
Electric grill for single family!

Fast without having to wait!
It is prepared for those who can't eat delicious meat properly because it is only at home every day.
It expresses a comfortable and sophisticated design in pastel tones
and pursues a design that can be an interior point with Moz's unique design color line.
Quick heat conduction allows cooking immediately!
Non-stick coating for easy cleaning
Lightweight and compact size, it can be used conveniently in camping grounds.
One-touch operation by simply pressing the ON/OFF function
When using, warm up for 3 minutes before use.
A non-slip pad that prevents shaking is attached for safe use.
Cooling system-It is good to use it safely by applying a cooling system for stable use as much as fast and strong thermal conductivity.
Rated voltage: AC 220,60Hz
Power consumption: 500W
Grill maximum temperature approx. 230℃
Operating voltage :220v/602Hz