MOVITA Fe Iron Vitamin C chewable 1500mg x 60 tablets plum flavor

Iron Vitamin C chewable
1500mg x 60 tablets

-Sweet and sour with plum flavor
It contains grape juice powder and plum concentrate powder as auxiliary ingredients,
so even those who are reluctant to consume iron can easily and tastefully chew it.
-Contains vitamin C for absorption of iron
When iron is consumed, iron absorption rate is improved by ingesting vitamin C or acidic juice together.
-Contains 100% (12mg) of iron compared to daily intake only
Ingestion of iron requirement (24mg) per day for pregnant women with 2 tablets
-Contains vitamins B6 and B12 as auxiliary ingredients

[If you are like this, iron intake is absolutely necessary!]

-From 12 weeks to 3 years old, recommended intake is 6mg, the time when the stored iron is depleted at birth.
Breast milk and milk that do not contain enough iron may be insufficient.
-Adolescents, recommended intake of 10-16mg,
iron intake is important to increase the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin during rapid growth,
especially female adolescents may experience iron loss due to menstruation.
-Women of childbearing age, recommended intake 14mg,
iron loss may occur due to menstruation, especially if you have menstrual hyperactivity,
you should pay attention to iron supplementation.
-After the middle of pregnancy,
a large amount of iron should be supplemented in the mother's body in order to supply the pregnant woman,
the recommended intake of 24mg, and the fetus' blood.

[How much iron should I consume?]

General women 14mg, pregnant women 24mg

[How to take]
Chew and consume 2 tablets once a day and once.