[Mountains and Fields] You can eat right away, Yoonhoos sweet chestnuts 50g x 10 bags

[Mountains and Fields]
Yoonhoo's Sweet Chestnuts 50g

Well-being snacks that keep your hands going,
Yoonhoo's sweet chestnuts made with only chestnuts

-Lumpy chestnuts
Kwanchungsaji at an altitude of 300 to 400, fertile soil, and water from the Luan River
are used to cultivate loose chestnuts with moderate sunlight and large daily intervals.
-Night with increased sugar content
-Soft and sweet snack
-Mini size that you can eat while carrying.
* The white moisture on the surface of the moonlit chestnut is not deteriorated
as the sugar content of Kwanchung Balm itself goes through the processing process and is dissolved in moisture,
so you can eat it with confidence.
* Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.
(It is better to refrigerate after opening.)