Mostans Brewers Yeast Pill 3gX30 Sticks Houttuynia Cordata Perilla frutescens Green Tea Mix

Mostans Brewer's Yeast Pill 3gX30 Sticks

Domestic Eoseongcho Perilla Green Tea
You have put all the good ingredients in your hair.
-Using high-quality brewer's yeast from Lithuania, one of Europe's top three beer producing countries.
* Brewer's yeast is composed of 47% protein, and is rich in vitamin B group biotin,
riboflavin, and pantothenic acid, and contains nutrients that are easy to lack for modern people.
-100% Korean Eoseongcho + Cotyledon + Green Tea!!
When taken together, it creates better synergy.
The low-temperature drying method and the low-temperature aging thickening method minimize the destruction of nutrients.
-Zero chemical additives!
The ring shape is selected so that you can enjoy it as it is without any chemical additives such as excipients and emulsifiers.
Both children and pregnant women can consume without worry.

[How to take]
With water 1 to 2 times a day without bending before and after meals!
Steady management, 1 stick a day, intensive management 2 sticks a day!