Moremo Recovery Balm B 120ml Highly concentrated protein For Damage Hair


Recovery Balm B 120ml

Even without applying it to wet hair and rinsing it, it turns into a soft, shiny hair!
Fast filling of damaged hair protein filled with highly concentrated protein cream!
Balm Type Essence + Heat Damage Care + Treatment 3in1 Care
I need it in this case!
-Hair that frequently uses a hot air balloon such as a dryer or a bag
-Extremely damaged hair that cracks the tip of the hair due to accumulated damage and is crumbly
-When you want a simpler and more effective treatment in a busy morning
-When you want to create fluffy and smooth hair with malignant curly hair
* Smoothing heat damage care
Care effect that prevents heat damage and is activated at high temperatures
(You can get the same effect even if you dry naturally.)
*No wash!
It is completely absorbed and coated so that it is a rib-in type that does not need to be washed off.
*Extreme damaged hair care
Containing 21 amino acids and 7 proteins, it has a definite repair effect on damaged hair!
*Contains 2 kinds of patented ingredients
AMINOACID COMPLEX, which is a composition of the stratum corneum of the hair,and HP-DCC COMPLEX,
which is effective for improving scalp hair, allows you to experience more improved hair texture.

[How to use]
After shampooing, remove moisture with a towel,
take an appropriate amount and spread around the tip of the hair.
Dry it with a hot air dryer or air dry.