Moremo Hair Serum R 120ml / Nourishing Care for Extremely Damaged Hair Non-sticky oil serum

Moremo Hair Serum R 120ml 

-Non-sticky oil serum
The formula of nutrient seed oil and vitamin E, various vegetable oils contained in hair serum R,
and rich amino acids and essential fatty acids of vitamin E protect the health of damaged hair.
-8 kinds of shiny hair seed oil
The plant seed formula with strong vitality provides deep nutrition to extremely damaged hair with non-sticky premier nutrition,
argan oil and hair protection nutrition oil, and rich nutrition.
(Baobab seed, Anato seed, Sunflower seed, Grape seed,
Apricot seed, Borage seed, Macadamia seed, Camellia seed)
-Hair Healing Vitamin E
Vitamin E Tocopherol helps reduce damage by preventing hair from drying out by maintaining the natural moisture of the hair
*It is a hair oil that is light and nutritious with a transparent oil formulation.
4in1 care
Rich scent: Just apply lightly on rough hair to care for your hair fragrantly
Moisture & Nutrition: Intensive care for poorly nutritional hair with vegetable oils rich in vitamins and amino acids.
Damage care: Smoothly protects hair from drying and hot air with a nutrient oil coating
Gloss & Volume: Gives a sparkling angeling hair to your weak and dull hair.

[How to use]
After shampooing, dry the hair with a towel and apply an appropriate amount to your hands.
Dry your hair with a dryer.
Apply a little more at the end of styling, focusing on the ends of the damaged hair.