Moremo Curling Essence S 150ml For Damaged Hair 2in1 nutrition and styling at the same time

Curling Essence S 150ml

[Recommended for those who have troubles like this.]

-People who have perm in a beauty salon but are already sagging
-People who worked hard to iron before going out, but the wave breaks down quickly
-People whose head is weak and drooping due to lack of volume
*Moremo Curling Essence S is a multi-care product that fills damaged hair with insufficient moisture and nutrients to make the wave elastic,
moist, and complete with styling.
It is a curling essence that is absorbed quickly as soon as it touches the hair in a chewy gel cream form,
which adds nutrients and moisture to every corner of the hair,
and helps the hair that has been loosened thanks to the evenly adsorbed nutrients and moisture to complete into elastic curls.
* 2in1 nutrition and styling at the same time
Supply nutrients to damaged hair with amino acid components
*5 types of oil complexes are coated with a shine
Grape seed oil, apricot seed oil, macadamia seed oil, argan kernel oil, canola oil
* Easy to use with low stickiness and soft feeling.

[How to use]

Towel dry hair and squeeze the curling essences onto the palm of your hand.
The more dry the hair, the stronger the setting power and the curls become more elastic,
so adjust and use it according to the desired style.
Apply evenly around the area you want to style.
Styling while creating curls on the hair with curling essence applied.