Moms Sea Broth- Holding Blue Crabs 3g x 35tablets

Moms Sea Broth
Holding Blue Crabs
3g x 35 Tablets

All ingredients are in one pill.
Simple meat broth recipe
8 kinds of high-quality agricultural and fishery products are contained in one grain in an optimal ratio.
-Korean anchovy, crab, radish, onion, garlic, burdock, lotus root, sea salt
-3 free
No added fragrance, emulsifier, or preservative
- With just one egg of 'Hold Blue Crab', you can cook anytime, anywhere!
It can be conveniently carried and used not only at home, but also at camping sites or travel.
* Usable dishes
Banquet noodles, Kalguksu, Mandu soup, Yeoyang porridge, baby food, bean sprout soup,
bukeo soup, fish cake soup, shabu-shabu, seafood soup, kimchi stew, soybean paste stew, budae stew, etc.

[How to use]
Before adding ingredients, add water to the required amount of broth.
Based on about 200ml of water, add 1 tablet of 'Break crab' broth and boil for about 3 minutes.
When the broth is made, add the prepared ingredients and cook deliciously.
*There are two package designs, which will be sent randomly.
The contents are the same.