[MLB PLAY] Perfect Body Fit Relaxing Cream 200ml Boosting and relaxing Before And After Exercise

[MLB PLAY] Perfect Body Fit Relaxing Cream 200ml

Body skin texture care / moist moisturizing film / warm-up before and after exercise (double power of cooling & heating)

Cream that helps boosting & relaxing effect.

* Contains organic grape seed oil, sea grape extract, and oat kernel extract.
*Contains IAA50 ingredients that make the body skin more elastic and tight.
* The fastest and easiest body relaxation care
After applying it coolly with a cooling feeling at first,
it is quickly absorbed without stickiness with a subtle warmth and is effective for warming up before and after exercise.
-Before exercise
Helps to increase exercise effect by warming up the body before exercise.
-After exercise
Helps to quickly stabilize the tired body after being stimulated by the warm compress effect
* Refreshing citrus scent with tangerine, eucalyptus, lemon, etc.

[How to use]
Apply an appropriate amount on the thighs and troubled areas twice in the morning and in the evening, then massage.
How to use it more effectively:
Hips: massage in a circle
Thigh: Push your fist from top to bottom, massage in a circle from bottom to top
Calf: Gently massage with an S shape
Forearm: Draw a circle, massage like a pinch
Back: massage as if pushing up and down
Abdomen: Massage in a circle