Mitte Hot Chocolate Original (30g x 10T) x 2Box Choco Milk tea Korean Dongsuh Food

Mitte Hot Chocolate Original 
30g x 10T

The blend of sweet chocolate taste and milk with soft foam!
Hot chocolate "Mite" when the cold wind blow
Original of rich chocolate flavor
This is the original Mitte Hot Chocolate, which has a high content of cocoa powder,
so you can feel the rich chocolate taste and soft foam.

[How to drink]
Put 30g (about 4 tablespoons) of "Mitte Hot Chocolate Original" into a mug,
and pour 130ml~140ml of water at 80~90℃ (about 2~3 minutes after boiling) into the mug.
It is even better if you add hot milk or cinnamon powder to your liking.