MISSHA Vita C Plus Blemish C Elasticity Ampoule 40ml

Vita C Plus Blemish C Elasticity Ampoule 40ml

-Wrinkle improvement & whitening dual functional cosmetics
- 7-fold blemishes & elasticity human body application test completed
Improvement of skin melanin/Improvement of skin brightness/Improvement of skin tone evenness/Improvement of skin texture
Deep skin elasticity improvement / Skin elasticity restoration improvement / Skin density improvement
-Skin irritation test completed
-Using 99% pure vitamin C from England
-Vita C Liposome Formula 25%
- Synergy with vitamin C
Skin protection of collagen, fullerene, vitamin E and moisturizing care of ceramide and hyaluronic acid
- It is a micro-capsule ampoule formulation that shows a yellow capsule when illuminated with light,
and is absorbed into the skin freshly.

[How to use]
After washing your face, take an appropriate amount at the stage of using the ampoule.
Apply evenly along the skin texture in the order of cheeks -> forehead -> chin (neck).
Massage and spread it around the eyes, lips, and chin C zone where blemishes and elasticity are concerned,
as if pulling it up from the inside to the outside.