[MISSHA] Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule Cream 50ml


Time Revolution Night Repair

Probio Ampoule Compression Cream 50ml

Ampoule compression cream that compresses the upgraded probio ampoule with its proprietary CORE PRESS method
to provide intensive care
for rough and crumbly damaged skin

10 probiotics

10 kinds of lactic acid bacteria that are good for skin
Helps to strengthen skin condition by maintaining soothing and moisturizing sensitive skin

5 kinds of borat needle energy

(Purple carrot, purple cabbage, eggplant, beetroot, blueberry)

It is a fruit of purple fruits, roots and leaves that energizes the skin,
soothing the skin irritated by the harmful environment and making it clear and smooth.

Collagenier: White Lupine Seed Extract and Sunflower Seed from Western France


Blue (original microorganism of Uterus): Vitality ingredient full of life force

Red (damask rose): Intense red flower active ingredient

Purple (super gill): Super food premium ingredient

Blue + Red + Purple Combination Enables New Triple Synergy Purple Activating

How to use

At the end of skin care, take an appropriate amount and roll and absorb like a gentle massage on your skin.

When rolling more than 3 times, the condensed ampoule will burst and rich nutrition and moisture will be felt.