[MISSHA] AMAZON Red Clay Pore Mask 110ml Oil Absorbing Pore Refining

*AHA & BHA effective for keratin care,
smooth pores, peeled egg skin care!

* Clay formula 105000PPM contains porous powder,
so many pores of sebum absorb red!

* Pore skin care with "mineral bomb red clay"
Increased pore skin care with red clay of "Mineral Bomb"
which is rich in various nutrition and effective for skin vitality care

** Be sure to close the cap after use as it can be easily dried with a high clay content.
Due to the nature of the formulation, moisture may come out, but it does not affect the function.
-Skin irritation test completed


-Skin troubled by sebum & blackhead
-Skin troubled by increased pores
-Those who are worried about rough dead skin cells
-Those who need oil management

[How to use]

After cleansing, apply on the entire dry face except for the eyes and mouth, or over the affected pores.
If the pores turn red after 10 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water.
Use once or twice a week and apply thinly to dry faster.