[Misha] Misa Yehyeon Jinbon Cream 50ml

Misa Yehyeon Jinbon Cream 50ml

An oriental herbal nutrition cream that contains the energy of sea pine and gives a firm stickiness to saggy skin.
- Oriental herbal cream with rich nutrition
Nourishing cream that replenishes the skin gives healthy vitality and stickiness to the skin
-Strong skin basics that are strengthened with the strong energy of sea pine
-Hwacheong water and jyeongokdan extract enhance skin luster
Hwacheongsu found in poppy's skin care secret recipe and extracts applied
with the prescription of donguibogam jyeongokdan make the skin soft and shiny.
*main ingredient
Sea pine pine tree branch/leaf extract, jyeongokdan extract (gyeongokdan extract made from ginseng, bokryeong,
jihwang, and honey reborn with liposome stabilization technology), matsutake mushroom extract, hwacheong water, ointment acid extract

[How to use]

After using the latex (or eye cream) in the morning and evening,
take an appropriate amount and apply it along the skin texture.
Gently wrap your face with your palms to help it absorb into the skin.