[Mise scene] Rebond Treatment 200ml x 2EA Extremely Damaged Hair Pack Protein Volume care

Rebond Protein Treatment 200ML

[Extremely damaged hair ㅣ Protein care ㅣ Volume care ㅣ Hair recoveryㅣ Powerless hair]

Low-molecular protein nutrition that fills up the inside, makes hair volume and strong without strength!
A treatment that makes weak and weak hair voluminous and strong, not just the outside coating.
-Quickly supply nutrients with low molecular protein
-Special technology that holds nutrients tightly
-A chewy cream like a bond sticks to the hair!
-Contains 5 kinds of natural oil ingredients (Olive/Jojoba/Marula/Evening Primrose/Apricot Oil)

[How to use]

After shampooing, remove moisture as much as possible,
apply an appropriate amount of protein bomb treatment centered on the tip of the hair,
and then press firmly with force so that it is absorbed well into the hair, or evenly spread with a comb.
Leave it for as long as you want, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry your hair.
1. Apply the treatment and press firmly to provide more nutrition to the hair!
2. If left for 10 minutes once a week, you experience dramatic effects as if you were in a clinic!