Mise-en-scene Curling Essence 2X (For Long Hair)150ml x 3EA

Curling Essence 2X 150ml

(For Long Hair)

Natural wave styling with natural sparkle, natural curl style as if it was not.
* Wax and hair essence at once!
-Setting power upgrade
Curling that doesn't work anymore
-Usability upgrade
Argan oil, apricot seed oil and hyaluronic acid for fresh and soft hair!
-Hyang persistence upgrade
The sweet peach scent lasts for a long time to refresh your mood!
*New formulation that is not sticky
Because it is not hardened, the style is natural, and it is possible to create a comfortable hairstyle for a long time.

[How to use]

After towel drying,
apply an appropriate amount to slightly wet hair and spread thinly on the palm of your hand.
After applying the contents to the area where you want to curl,
gather the hair and clench it with your fist for 5 seconds, then release it.
If you use it with a hair dryer or curler, you can create more vivid curls.