[MIP]Repair Lifting After Shave Mens V-Line Care 65g Men with double chin, cheeks,nasolabial folds

MIP Repair & Lifting After Shave Men's V-Line Care 65g

Derma V-Lifting Solution

-Men's face line management and after shave care at the same time!
-Provides physical massage for men's large masticatory muscles and sagging cheeks.
In addition, The Mark Cream improves damaged skin after shaving.
-Elaborate curve lifting design tailored to the surface of the face
-The refreshing feeling of water drop formulation.

-[Strong recommendation target]

* Men with double chin, cheeks, and nasolabial folds
*A man who has trouble with skin without elasticity
* Men who want to calm sensitive skin

[How to use]
Turn the dial to apply the cream and massage the lifting along the face line
-Create V-line
After washing your face in the morning and evening, roll it like a massage along both jaw lines that need maintenance for 1 minute.
-Trouble Beard Zone Care
Apply lightly on the troubled areas such as chin line, mouth, cheeks, etc., and then gently absorb the remaining contents.
-Massage care
Roll for 6 minutes as if massaging the stiff and tired areas under the ears and neck line.
-5 minutes daily care
Morning: swelling management
Evening: stress relief