[MiLock] Vacuum Rice Container 20kg Rice Jar

[MiLock] Vacuum Rice Container 20kg Rice Jar

-With the floor vacuum discharge method, moist air does not collect on the floor even when the rainy season or new rice is put in, and it has been developed as a system that discharges smoothly.
-It is light and convenient because the lid is completely separated and there is no electric device.
-Excellent vacuum ability to lift the lid even after putting rice without any locking device.
-Excluding only the inner display window, the outer container covers the inner skin of ultraviolet rays in a double layer to show more excellent durability.
-Pour out the rice and close the lid! When the vacuum pressure reaches '0' by opening the lid, the vacuum automatically starts after 20 seconds. When working with the lid open for more than 5 minutes, turn off the power button.
-Vacuum cutoff with double wing application. Maintains vacuum for more than 1 hour even when the power is turned off.
By periodically wiping off foreign substances on the part where the packing touches, the vacuum can be maintained steadily.
-Vacuum pressure check every 30 minutes
A system in which the circulation system keeps the internal temperature and humidity constant.
-When the power button is pressed once, it is in perfect vacuum for 24 hours, when the handle button is pressed, the vacuum is automatically released, and when the lid is closed again, it is automatically vacuumed.
During vacuum operation, the red LED lamp flashes continuously.
When vacuum is completed, the lower red LED lamp stops blinking and remains on.
-Multipurpose storage function
If you store bread, etc. besides grains such as rice and grains, moisture is retained for a long period of time to prevent hardiness.
-The lower moving wheel is designed.