[Milk Baobab]Baby Deep Care Cream High Moisture Hypoallergenic Weak acidity 160g


Hypoallergenic moisturizing care for the whole family

 1. High moisturizing deep care to fill deep skin moisturizing!

Contains 6 types of hyaluronic acid, betaine and ceramide

to keep skin moisturized with strong moisturizing coating

2.Mineral oil, silicone oil free-low irritation deep care!

It contains 4 kinds of complex vegetable oil with low irritation,

so that infants can use it safely.

3. pH weak acidic dip care that thinks child skin health

It is a weakly acidic baby cream similar to baby's skin, which makes the skin

sensitive to external stimuli. Reduces pH balance and keeps skin healthy.


How to use

After bathing, gently massage and absorb baby's face and body.

For all skin

Age: 1 year old ~

Completed skin irritation test in 2 countries (Germany, Korea)


It is milky white cream without artificial color.

The incense is the allergy-free incense and the fragrant shea butter incense.