Milk Baobab Hair Moisture Cream 150ml / NO WASH Treatment

Milk Baobab
Hair Moisture Cream 150ml

* Highly concentrated protein extract
Protein care with milk protein extract and baobab seed extract
*Naturally derived olive oil
Moisturizing and protective film to block moisture evaporation
*No wash treatment
No need to apply and wait or wash off, just absorb it and you're done!
*Prevents hair damage caused by heat
Prevents hair damage from hot air balloons used every day
* A green musk scent that gives off a subtle charm with a fresh fruity scent and soft musk scent.
* Opaque and light cream type formulation.
It has a lot of moisture with a jelly-like texture, so there is zero interruption!

[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount on your hands and rub your hands lightly.
Use your hands to absorb dry and damaged hair tips.