Mickey Mouse Automatic Hand Sanitizer Hand Wash Soap Dispenser + Exclusive Cleaning Liquid Set

Mickey Mouse
Automatic Soap Dispenser

automatic hand wash dispenser + exclusive cleaning liquid set

-Cute Mickey-shaped bubbles
An element in which the cleaning foam is sprayed in the shape of a Mickey symbol is added.
The closer your hand is to the foam jet, the more beautiful Mickey-shaped bubbles appear.
-Smart infrared sensor is installed.
Hygienic use is possible because the foam cleaner is automatically detected when you put your hand close without any separate operation.
-0.5ml, optimal amount for one hand washing
Designed to produce only 0.5ml of foam, which is best suited for one hand washing to avoid wasting detergent.
This product is designed with a three-way jet, so it may not be used for a certain period of time, but there may be less foam when first spraying.
-IPX 5 class safe waterproof design
-Overcurrent & overheating accident prevention
By using AA batteries, it is possible to use continuously by simply replacing the batteries without the need for a separate charging time, and overheating and explosion accidents caused by overcurrent can be prevented.

[How it works]
Power on by pressing the power button once
Power off by long pressing the power button once
White lights up when spraying cleaner (lights up for 2 seconds)