MGMC Fluidic Vacuum Food Waste Bin 2,3L Combined / Closed Vacuum Lock


MGMC Fluidic

Vacuum Food Waste Bin
2,3L Combined  Closed Vacuum Lock

Grab the smell! beautiful!
* Vacuum push lock- It blocks external air with a vacuum system to block odors and delay decay sites, and block pests.
* It is convenient to use with a simple opening and closing method.
Flip open: When the lid is flipped, air enters and the lid opens comfortably.
Press to seal: When the lid is pressed, air escapes and seals.
*3L capacity

[How to use]
Remove the envelope ring inside the body.
Put the envelope inside the ring, fold the end of the envelope and fix it on the ring.
Put the fixed envelope and ring in the body, and close the lid by pressing it from top to bottom.
When using a regular bag, use a sanitary bag of 25 cm wide x 35 cm long.