Menokine Pepti Cotton Ampoule Essence 100ml Contains 81.7% of cotton fruit water

Pepti Cotton Ampoule Essence 100ml

-Double whitening effect
* Patented whitening ingredient TranEX-1 peptide + Niacinamide
- Hypoallergenic
- 5 key ingredients in one
Contains panthenol, adenosine, cotton water 815,600ppm, niacinamide, and TranEX-1 peptide 20ppm.
- Purified water 0%, cotton water 81.7%
-All ingredients EWG green grade
-Fragrance-free, allergy-free
-Safe products made by pregnant women
Skip care at once!
Everything from crystallization to moisturizing, whitening, and wrinkle improvement functions are all in one.
*Toner step can be omitted
* It is most recommended to use the ampoule essence by just absorbing it.
But occasionally, soak a soft cotton pad in the ampoule essence and use it like a wipe.
It helps to even out the skin texture.