MediPeel Blue Aqua Tox Cream 50g Moisture Barrier Strengthening Water Gloss Cream

MediPeel Blue Aqua Tox Cream 50g 

Eight types of complex hyaluronic acid that replenishes moisture thoroughly in 57 capsules!
-Contains astaxanthin, as if it was lit with super vitamin astaxanthin
-Hyaluronic acid capsules popping up two tablets a day
Low/medium/high hyaluronic acid
Acetylhexapeptide-8, strengthening autogenous power
-3 soothing & protective ingredients
Three blue flower ingredients (lavender, cornflower, clary sage) protect sensitive skin from external irritation.

[How is your skin?]

-As it gets, the skin becomes loose and loses its elasticity.
-Even if I put on makeup, my skin is dull and dark.
-Always dry, use a mask pack and mist from time to time.
-I want a skin full of confidence even in my skin.
* Moist when applying, fresh finish
The moisture bomb capsule reinforces the moisture barrier,
and the moisturizing gel provides a refreshing feeling of moisture to thirsty skin.

How to use

 Use a spatula to float the capsule and gel together.
Mix so that the water glow capsule and the moisturizing capsule are well mixed.
Apply it on the skin and let it absorb completely.
When using, mix the water glow capsule and moisturizing gel evenly and absorb it to help make the skin more moist and elastic.