Mediheal A Zero Shot Skin Control Pink Dressing 13g x 3EA Day/Night Soothing Care

A Zero Shot Skin Control Pink Dressing 13g

-Transparent care even in the daytime (transparent upper layer)
-Overnight Intensive Care (Pink Powder)
Don't squeeze it with your hands, tap it on your skin!
Liquid layer: Salicylic acid, 7 kinds of soothing herbal ingredients and natural protector (patented ingredient) help to
sooth spots as well as dead skin cells and sebum care during the day.
Powder layer: Calamine, water-soluble sulfur (dimethyl sulfone), tea tree leaf oil adheres to the hot spots overnight and soothes them.
7 ingredients of the patented blended extract'Natural Protector'
Cypress leaf extract, oregano leaf extract, white·willow·bark extract, broiler bark extract,
purslane extract, lactobacillus/bean fermentation extract, golden extract

How to use

When using, use in a state where the liquid layer and the powder layer are completely separated.
Day Care-Apply the upper yellow liquid layer on a clean cotton swab and apply it to the affected area.
Night Care - Apply pink powder on the floor with a clean cotton swab, and then dip it on the troubled area.
(It is okay to massage after drying the applied area.)