Medifer Lutein Eye Cream (Wrinkle Cream) 35ml

Lutein Eye Cream (Wrinkle Cream) 35ml

Resolves wrinkles around the eyes and dark circles
It is made in a slightly orange-colored formulation with plenty of lutein ingredients.
It spreads softly and the moisture lasts for a long time.
*Total solution that can improve facial wrinkles and eye back care
-The deepest forehead wrinkles / eye lines / nasolabial folds / glabellar lines / lip lines
-Eye bag (under the eyes) lifting / face lifting / skin elasticity / skin density
* Closely moisturizing the skin from the outside to the inside
Skin moisturizing / Moisture loss / Moisturizing up to 2.5mm of skin
* Whitening effect that brightens the face by improving dull skin tone along with dark circles
*Completed skin irritation test for sensitive skin
*EWG Green Grade

How to use
Take an appropriate amount and spread evenly on the skin.