Medi Flower Idebenone Cream 50ml

Medi Flower
Idebenone Cream 50ml

-High nutrition and elasticity cream
Idebenone 1000ppm
-Skin barrier care (contains 4 types of probiotics)
-Skin whitening (to make tired skin lively)
-Moisture soothing (triple moisturizing ingredient)
Triple moisturizing ingredients including hyaluronic acid form
a strong moisture layer to keep your skin moist for a long time.
-Absorption rate UP!
Adebenone, which has a property that does not dissolve well in water or oil, was converted into liposomes using the SMEDDS method to effectively increase the absorption rate.
-Fast absorption rate and silky, moist, most effective formula
Gently soaks into the skin for a moist and refreshing finish
-Patented skin soothing & protective ingredients
Patented sorghum leaf/stem fermentation extract soothes and protects the skin from air pollution.
-Whitening & wrinkle improvement functionality
Niacinamide and adenosine, which are functional ingredients,
help skin whitening and wrinkle improvement.