[Mdicube]Red Erasing Cream 50ml/100ml Keratin improvement Depigmentation For all skin types and sens



Medicube's Solution for Pigmented Skin
-Improved hyperpigmentation
-Strengthen skin barrier
-Moisturizing Improvement
Skin hypoallergenic test
-Keratin improvement
* If you spend more than 4 weeks, you can see the effect of improving hyperpigmentation.

The most important factor in relieving pigmentation is to reduce melanin levels,
which is evidence that skin pigmentation is softened when melanin levels decrease.

All red erasing creams are available.
Sensitive sensitive skin-Apply thinly on pigmented skin to improve damage.
Traces of troubled skin-The areas with severe pigmentation are concentrated in small amounts.
How to use
After cleansing, apply right amount onto face.
Apply gently according to skin texture.
Pat gently to absorb.

Solutions for hyperpigmented skin
Hypoallergenic skin barrier cream for sensitive skin
Skin exfoliation
Pivoting Moisturizing Film Formation
Reduces skin pigmentation, including freckles

Tip: Use at the very end of basic products.