MD Pick Fragrance Free Barista Hand Cream Filled with rich moisture 250g

MD's Pick Fragrance Free Barista Hand Cream 250ml

This product was conceived by baristas who were unable to care for dry hands
because they had to deliver only the unique scent of coffee.
Fragrance-free hand care filled with rich moisture
-Highly moisturizing care anywhere with a clean fragrance-free focus on nutrition and moisturizing
-Non-sticky moisturizing feeling, double moisture blocking function to increase the skin's natural strength.
It fills moisture with Aqua Lisia and locks it tightly to keep it moist without stickiness for a long time.
-EWG green grade
-Light type opaque cream formulation

[Recommended for these people.]

-Baristas, chefs, musicians who handle musical instruments, doctors who care for patients, nurses, teachers, office workers, etc.
-People who are looking for a clean, fragrance-free hand cream with no strong scent or base odor
-People who want to keep dry and rough hands moist and fresh without using a large amount
-People who want a non-slip and non-staining absorption power even when contacted with water
-People who want a mild, safe hand cream for sensitive skin that becomes sensitive easily

[How to use]
After washing your hands, take an appropriate amount and apply gently to nails and hands.
In addition to your hands, apply it to dry elbows and heels as if you were massaging them to make your skin moist.