MAYSOME Laundry Gel Portable Detergent 60ml x 2/4EA Colorless, odorless detergent Neutral detergent


MAYSOME Laundry Gel Portable Detergent 60ml

Colorless, odorless detergent; Neutral detergent

Premium laundry detergent Naturally derived mild ingredient portable detergent

*For women
*For our children
*For our family

No chemical surfactants are used, but vegetable surfactants such as sugar cane and coconut are used as main ingredients.
Wash your laundry without worrying about detergent residue, pigments,
fluorescent brighteners, chemical surfactants, preservatives, bleach, and artificial fragrances!

Good ingredients
Naturally derived surfactant-safe detergent without skin irritation
Sodium Percarbonate-Excellent bleaching effect even at low temperatures
Citric acid-an ingredient with excellent cleaning power and water softening function
Chungoong, cypress leaves, plantain-Ingredients with excellent antibacterial action and prevention of female diseases

[How to use]
Use 10ml of Maysome per 3~5kg of laundry as the scale mark.
It has excellent cleaning power even with cold water.