Maybena Pure Enzyme Lactobacillus Moisture Pure Aqua Cream 150ml

Pure Enzyme Lactobacillus Moisture Aqua Cream 150ml

Lactic acid group to apply, replenish moisture.
-Free of artificial fragrance and chemical ingredients
-pH5.5 slightly acidic, all ingredients EWG green grade
-Contains moisture and moisturizing patented ingredients
*Lactobacillus fermentation lysate + yeast fermentation lysate filtrate + Bifida fermentation lysate
A complex component composed of ingredients extracted from the fermentation process of lactic acid bacteria,
it helps to maintain the moisturizing effect by strengthening the skin barrier weakened by sensitive and dry skin.
*Contains 5% of premium 17 kinds of amino acids
*Island glacial water
* Centella asiatica extract
- White color as it is, moist and creamy formula, moist without stickiness.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount,
spread it gently along the skin texture, and pat lightly for absorption.