May Island 7 Days Secret Centella Cica Serum 50ml

May Island
7 Days Secret Centella Cica Serum 50ml

BHA: Helps to remove waste and sebum accumulated in pores.
PHA: Prevents moisture loss in the skin and helps dissolve dead skin cells.
AHA: Helps normal skin turnover by consolidating pores, managing dead skin cells, and removing wastes and dead skin cells from the skin.

- Replenish moisture in the skin with a double-layer serum
A double-layer serum containing vegetable oils 'olive oil', 'centella asiatica extract',
and 'tea tree leaf water' to balance the oil and moisture of the skin,
soothe the skin and replenish moisture to gently care for moist and smooth skin texture and concerns do.
With 200,000ppm content of Centella asiatica extract, it calms skin troubles with a comfortable soothing effect on irritated skin.
- Skin elasticity, moisture supply, dead skin care, skin soothing, wrinkle improvement, whitening
-Contains Syn-coll patented ingredients

[How to use]
Shake the product lightly before use to mix.
Take an appropriate amount and spread it along the skin texture with your fingertips.
After application, use your palms to absorb the face.