[MAXCLINIC] Lime Caviar Oil Foam 110g x 3EA

[MAXCLINIC] Lime Caviar Oil Foam 110g

Cleansing + pore care at the same time!
Fresh vitamin oil foam enriched with finger lime oil and caviar oil.

The new formula melts the waste away with natural low-irritant egg white, soapberry, quillaia,
and red ginseng turns to foam when meets the water eliminates the need for multiple cleansing.

Most tested, best proves product in the market with 10 successful pore-related tests.
This proven pore cleansing solution cleans and soothes the pores contaminated by unpredictable weather and foreign environments.
The crystal ball cleanser brightens and cleanses the skin with vitamin-rich finger lime oil and caviar oil.
Intra-capsule moisture shield exploding on your fingertips. Vegetable oil capsule
immediately resupply the moisture and foam the moisture shield for up to 40 hours.

[Time to need Lime Caviar Oil Foam Vitamin Edition]

-Those who feel the skin tightening after cleansing
-For those who want to do a moist and clean cleansing at once without cleansing.
-Those who want to moisturize immediately after washing face
-Those who want to sooth sensitive skin and purify the skin
-People who want to clean and manage dull and dull skin
-People who want to conveniently do famous spa programs at home

Capacity 110g
Recommended for
All skin types

How to use

Pump the Lime Caviar Oil Foam 3-4 times and evenly apply the foam to the face with makeup.
Dissolve the makeup ny massaging the face with fingertips softly.
Start the secondary foam cleansing by soaking the brush
with water and make the foam with the brush (use wet hands if you're not using a brush). 
Thoroughly wash out the foam with warm water and finish it by washing the face with cold water.