Marshique Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream Multi Wrinkle Stick 11g

Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream Multi Wrinkle Stick 11g 

Hypoallergenic wrinkle stick that is easy to touch
- Patent ingredient + wrinkle improvement effect
Paracres extract, fermented oil, and tocopheryl acetate,
which are called natural botox, form a coating film to tightly hold nutrition and moisture in the skin.
-The radiance that rises from the skin
Instant radiance + volume effect!
Apply before and after makeup to create healthy and elastic skin.
-Eye cream applied to the entire face
Care for the forehead, eye area, nasolabial folds, neck,
and lips at once with delicate active ingredients!
- Soft and moist formula
The balm formula that melts gently at the skin temperature
and spreads out thinly keeps moisture for a long time.
- Hypoallergenic tested product, safe for use on sensitive skin and around the eyes

-How to remove my cap
If you remove the inner cap after uploading the contents, and remove the inner cap without lifting the contents, the face of the contents may tear or peel off,
which is not a reason for product exchange or return.