[Manyo Factory]Bifida Complex Ampoule 50ml


Total Anti-Aging Care Ampoule

Bifida Complex Ampoule 50ml

combines ingredients that help
wrinkle, elasticity, and moisturizing care.


1. Vitality care of polyphenols

The catechins extracted from green tea help to deal

with excessive sebum secretion and skin blemishes,

helping to quickly improve sensitive skin.

2. Elasticity care of saponin

It contains a lot of red ginseng / ginseng culture solution to

help skin vitality and protection.

It is effective for elasticity care with adenosine.

Keratin improvement 63.92%

Improved visible damage to the skin

Helps strengthen skin barrier

Helps to improve damaged skin

Helps to improve moisture loss

How to use

Apply right amount onto the skin

evenly before applying lotion and cream.

It is used in the essence stage and then

absorbed sufficiently after application.

Tip: Applying at 10 o'clock,
the time to recharge your skin, is more effective.