[MANYO FACTORY] Zaodam Sooc Face Cream Calm moisturizing Keratin care 80ml

Manyo Factory
Zaodam Mugwort Cream 80ml

It harmoniously contains 3 kinds of grass that are good for the skin.
Mugwort, motherwort, and Eoseongcho are all powerful soothing effects that add vitality to tired skin to
make the skin more comfortable and balanced.

Bitter mugwort extract 59.5%
It has excellent skin soothing and helps skin convergence.
Eoseongcho extract 17%
Helps to remove impurities and relieve dead skin cells and sebum.
Motherwort extract 9%
Soothes and moisturizes skin with heat.
-With a hydrophilic and firm formulation, it has excellent skin spreadability,
and you can feel the unique moisture and soothing effect of Zaodam.
-Recommended for sensitive, combination and dry skin.