[Manyo Factory] Zaodam Haep-Ssal Cream Skin 155ml whitening moisturizing brighten the skin


 [Manyo Factory]
Zaodam Haep Ssal Cream Skin 155ml

In order to deliver moisture and nourishment to dry skin,
we have packed I Cheon (Korea Region Name) pesticide-free rice.

The new rice harvested this year retains the nutrition of fertile soil,
which is rich in thianan, niacin, essential amino acids, vitamins and iron.

New rice cream skin with whitening of rice's rich moisturizing power (74% of fresh rice extract)
A highly concentrated skin that delivers a creamy, dense moisturizing effect,
it strengthens the moisture barrier and creates a more skin-friendly texture.
It adds whitening functional ingredients to brighten the skin.

How to use

In the first step after cleansing,
take an appropriate amount on your hand and apply it lightly along the skin texture and absorb it gently.
Apply 2-3 times to feel more moisturizing.