[Manyo Factory] Vitamin Tree Brightening Sleeping Pack Mask 75ml Keratin care Soothing Moisturizing

Manyo Factory Vitamin Tree Brightening Pack

The container was upgraded to a tube type
with a narrow entrance by collecting customer opinions.

A radiant moisturizing sleeping pack that shines while you sleep

*Vitamin 70% + whitening function

* Honey and rich nutrition, moisturizing
(honey, royal jelly, propolis soothes
and moisturizes sensitive skin to fill moisture without stickiness.)

* Sleeping pack for easy application

** 10 pm ~ 2 am Golden Time is well absorbed nutrition can be effectively managed Golden Time!

Change your skin with vitamins and honey to moisturize your skin in the morning.

** All in One If you are tired of applying lotion, essence, cream, etc., you can easily do nightcare with Vitamin Tree Brightening Pack.

 It is recommended for such skin.

*Loss of skin and dull skin

* Sensitive sensitive skin

* Skin lacking just moisture cream

* Floppy, flawless skin


After cleansing, apply basic care and apply a lot of packs around eyes and mouth.