Manyo Factory Pure Cleansing Oil 200ml moisturizing keratin and Blackhead Care

Manyo Factory Pure Cleansing Oil 200ml

It's basic to erase it neatly!
With'Argan Kernel Oil', the skin remains moist even after deep cleansing.
It contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients derived from nature such as'Dolkong Oil'.
-Mild keratin care
It helps keratin care with rice bran oil and helps the moisturizing ingredients of pure cleansing oil to be delivered completely to the skin.
-Blackhead out!
It melts gently with an oil similar to sebum.
Safe for mild & sensitive skin with 14 kinds of vegetable oil ingredients and vegetable surfactant
-Completely cleansing fine dust!
A whopping 99.73% removal!
-It also erases point makeup neatly.
It removes foundation and lip make-up neatly with a vegetable surfactant.
Since it is a natural oil, it is less irritating even if it gets into the eyes, so you can easily remove the eye makeup.

[How to use]
4.4.4 Cleaning formula
Pump the cleansing oil largely 4 times.
Rolling in 4 stages in total for cheeks, forehead, eyes and T zone
40 seconds to emulsify the blackhead area with water
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.