[Manyo Factory] No-Mercy Fixing Cover Fit Concealer Mini 2.7g x 2EA

Manyo Factory No-Mercy Fixing Cover Fit Concealer Mini 2.7g

The moment you apply it, the flawless liquid concealer that makes your skin beautiful is a thin and tight fit on the skin to complete the flawless and beautiful skin.

The mini-size that is easy to carry, you can easily and quickly cover flaws anytime, anywhere, and a small but powerful special move in a pouch that allows correcting makeup as if you were looking outward.

Ultra-fine color pigments apply a slim fitting system that closely adheres to the curvature of the skin
It covers not only blemishes, but also pores and fine lines thin and beautifully.

Cover dark circles, redness, rashes, and blemishes.
21 Liberty
Neutral pink ivory that brightens your complexion
Medium beige with calm and uncluttered

* Depending on the storage conditions and period, the oil may float, but it is not a product abnormal, so mix it well with a tip before use.
The storage temperature is recommended between 10 degrees and 30 degrees.