[Manyo Factory] Marine Energy Spa Cream 50ml Moisture protection layer formed Moisturizing Nourshing

Manyo Factory
Marine Energy Spa Cream 50ml

* Naturally derived 99% safe ingredients
* No added silicone without skin tightness
* Patented ingredients that maintain a deep moisturizing feeling-Seaweed and yeast
* Soothing ingredient-Plankton
*3 layer system
-Provides deep and rich moisture with marine complex fermentation ingredients
-Moisturizing factors are added to each skin layer to increase moisture density, so the entire layer is moist.
-Formation of a durable moisture barrier that prevents moisture loss by continuously attracting moisture
* Mineral balance of deep ocean water in Ulleungdo similar to our body
With rich minerals, it delivers continuous moisture without worrying about irritation.
*Strong moisture locking ceramide that prevents moisture evaporation
Healthy moisturizing for sensitive skin
If the moisture density is increased by filling the moisture density of ceramide between the skin from which moisture has been drained,
the dry skin retains moisture and the skin is soothed.
* Mineral water taken from carbonated springs and contains carbon dioxide gas,
and it is produced through decomposition of organic matter in the ground and contains abundant minerals and nutrients.
Skin activation/ pore care/ dead skin peeling
*Spark Cream-Moisture protection layer formed
It spreads gently with a deep moisturizing feeling, giving you a feeling of moisturizing and nourishing at the same time. It is absorbed quickly and becomes shiny and smooth as soon as you apply it.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly according to the skin texture, then tap lightly for absorption.