[Manyo Factory ]Egg White Pack 50ml Feel Off mask Pore Care


Egg White Pack 50ml
Feel Off mask Pore Care

Super egg white pack containing egg whites and whole grains

Good egg whites for pore cleaning and tightening and nutritious grains excellent for adsorption of waste products!

Egg white pack that you just need to apply and remove.

* Powerful tightening effect that feels fast

* Strong waste adsorption power + pore cleaning effect

* Texture that perfectly fits curved areas

* Peel off type to remove sebum and keratin

* Contains patented ingredients

How to use

1. Wipe dry after cleansing.

2. Spread all over face except around eyes and mouth.

3. After the pack is dry, remove it slowly from the edge of the skin.


If you apply the pack thicker than other parts, you can use it more effectively on the nose,

T zone, and butterfly zone where the pores and blackheads are concerned.

Certain areas of concern are better if you manage every day!