[Manyo Factory] Bifida Biome Concentrate Eye Cream 30ml

Manyo Factory
Bifida Biome Concentrate Eye Cream 30ml

*Bifida fermentation solution-Rich in protein, lactic acid, vitamins, etc. that are beneficial to the skin,
it helps to turn weak skin into a skin that does not easily collapse.

*Microbiome-It is an ingredient that protects the skin from external stress and creates a healthy environment.
It is a necessary ingredient for firm skin.
*Eight-folded peptides provide full elasticity and radiance
It contains 8 layers of peptides that are good for moisturizing and elasticity,
creating an organic synergy effect, and helping to absorb other ingredients to help elasticity around the eyes.
*8 levels of hyaluronic acid, moisture radiance as delicate as silk
*The combination of bladder rack extract and lamiaceae extract gives elasticity patented buoyancy that fills the eyes with thin and powerlessness.
*Sensitive skin test & hypoallergenic test completed to ease the burden on weak eyes

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it evenly to the skin,
focusing on the areas where wrinkles are a concern, such as around the eyes, lips, neck, and brow.