Manyo Factory Aqua Bonding Ampoule Serum 40ml


Manyo Factory Aqua Bonding Ampoule Serum 40ml

Moisture pack effect all day long
High Moisture Ampoule Serum

[If you are like this, please try it!]

-People who quickly dries even after applying moisture products
-Those who need deep and quick moisture supply due to deep drying
-Those who are sensitive and cannot apply any moisture cream
-Oily skin that wants to hold only moisture, not oil

*Similar to the moisture inside the body, it quickly hydrates deep into the skin
*3 step moisturizing system
-Quickly absorbed mineral nutrient moisture instead of purified water
-Birch sap that perfectly balances oil and moisture
-Polysaccharide & moisturizing patent that recharges the skin with sugar
-Hyaluronic acid and ceramide stick together like a bond to form a moisturizing film
*It looks like a cream, but if you rub it, it turns into a moisture serum!