[Manyo Factory] 4GF Elasticity/Vitality Eye Cream 30ml Wrinkle Care Moisturizing


Manyo Factory
4GF Ampoule Eye Cream (30ml)

4GF Ampoule Eye Cream that cares not only deep wrinkles but also invisible wrinkles at the same time.

*Lifting care / Moisture supply / Help to strengthen skin barrier / Whitening care

Contains high concentration of 4GF that energizes the eyes


The ingredient that won the Nobel Prize!
Care for firm and firm skin with sagging and shady skin


Fill the skin foundation firmly for more elastic eye care


Helps to improve eye elasticity by helping to produce collagen and elastin


Synergy with other active factors helps to improve tight and firm skin
Care for wrinkles and whitening troubles at the same time!
Lifting care, moisture supply, skin barrier strengthening, whitening care

Solutions for moist eyes

* Hyaluronic acid and panthenole, which attracts and stores main variables, fill the eyes closely.

* Trehalose creates a moisture barrier on your skin, leaving it moisturized for a long time.

How to use

Morning and evening twice a day,

After cleansing, apply ampoule and essence or apply lotion and cream around the eyes and apply with your finger to absorb.

Eye wrinkles

Suck it up and let it absorb with the ring finger.

Nasolabial folds

Press the area around your mouth to absorb it.

Neck wrinkles

Sweep in the direction of your face.

Full face

If necessary, it is applied to the entire face, which is effective for skin fine wrinkles.