[Manso Mangang] Deer Antler Red Ginseng Stick 365 (10g x 90 packets,860Kcal) For 3Months

Manso Mangang Deer Antler Red Ginseng Stick 365
(10g x 90 packets,860Kcal)

A stick-type product that is easy to consume anytime,
anywhere by adding New Zealand antler to 100% Korean domestic 6-year-old red ginseng.
*Korean domestically produced 6-year-old red ginseng
*New Zealand antler
*Manufactured in a HACCP certified facility
*One box large-capacity configuration, generous 90 bags; For 3 months
* 13 kinds of traditional ingredients (sub-ingredients) [Cheongung (Korea), Sukjihwang (Korea), Cinnamon,
Angelica, Baekbokryeong, Baekchul, Licorice, Hwanggi, Baek Peony, Jujube, dried ginger, complex herb extract]

*Red ginseng concentrate 0.5% (red ginseng component 70mg/g, solid content 60%),
antler extract 12% (solid content 0.6%, New Zealand product)

[Recommended for these people]
-Modern people exhausted from busy work life
-Those who want to easily consume red ginseng
-Those who want constant health care
-Those who work a lot of energy consumption
-Those who want to take care of their family's health

[How to take]
Take once a day, one packet at a time, or as often as possible.